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Christine – Telephone Befriender

“I spend a few hours a week in the office and try to ring as many people as I can. Each one is different, I could be chatting about their lives and family or maybe hearing about their illnesses or problems. The people I speak to are varied and have different needs. Some want to talk about their health, some need advice and others are just lonely and need someone to chat to. Whatever the reason, I am there to help and over the years I have made many friends, who have told me how much they look forward to my weekly call. I love going into the office, I work with a superb friendly team and it feels like one big happy family. I find befriending very rewarding as I feel I am helping so many different people just by listening and being a friend on the other end of the phone.”


Barry – Befriendee

“I really look forward to Mike coming round once a week and miss it when he’s on holiday. It’s very lonely being on my own after my wife died and having someone to come round who I can talk to about what’s going on in the world and things like boxing, snooker and football is a great help. Mike also helps me arrange medical appointments and comes with me to the doctor’s. We also go out for lunch when he comes round which gets me out of the house and we’ve been horse racing and he took me on holiday last year for a long weekend away. He’s been a great friend to me.”